Back to writing: at last!

Although I managed to get ‘A Way of Knowing’ through to publication stage last year, I hold my hand up to the fact that I’ve done very little new work since last summer.

Two reasons. Firstly, the dratted EU referendum. I’m passionately pro-Europe, and although I’ve had well-intentioned advice in the past that I should keep the “author” side of my social media posts quite separate from the “real me” side, no can do. If I tried, the “author” part simply wouldn’t ring true. I’m a political animal, and I freely admit that I’ve spent hours almost every day since June on FB, 90% of that time spent on anti-Brexit groups & topics.

SDSCF5488econdly – and more importantly – since last July we’ve lost two of our beloved cats and one of our dogs. It’s meant a long gap in feeling like writing. However, in the last week or so, I’m slowly getting back into the writing routine, and still hope to get the sequel to ‘A Sensible Woman’ out by the end of this year.


By Fiona Cameron

Former journalist, PR consultant and fiction writer, cat- and dog-owner, currently living in beautiful Galloway, SW of Scotland. Passionately concerned about my country's environment, animal rights and freedom of expression for all authors & artists.

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