SM and silver linings

I’ve decided that, on balance, I still love social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have: introduced me to people who have become genuine friends, several of whom I speak to daily; brought me back into contact with former colleagues, neighbours & school friends, and indeed one of my earliest childhood friends (hi, Nick! 🙂 );… Continue reading SM and silver linings

Learning from our mistakes

Fellow Europhiles, I have a sinking feeling that we have learnt SFA from our failure to stop the Brexit juggernaut in its tracks. My take on the failure: the effort was fragmented from the start, and we never managed to fix that during the 2 – 3 years when we still had a realistic chance… Continue reading Learning from our mistakes

I love the ‘new normal’

We’ve never eaten so healthily as we have since we went into lockdown in mid-March (no, we didn’t wait for Bozo to announce it). We’re eating more fresh fruit and veg than ever before, even if the weekly fruit-and-veg box route means I’m cooking up some strange combinations. There’s been nothing that hasn’t worked so… Continue reading I love the ‘new normal’

Being Scottish in 2019

Many factors make me proud to be Scottish. Some of them are geographical: our islands (in particular Arran, Tiree, Whalsay). Our capital (apologies to my native city, but really Glasgow with you it’s not the place, it’s the people; Edinburgh, on the other hand – I love you as if you were a person). Some… Continue reading Being Scottish in 2019

Don’t stay sad, get mad

When I was at school (from age 5 onwards; the one I was at had kindergarten, primary and secondary departments all on the same site), I passed the Glasgow School of Art – the Mack – every school day. I also went to painting classes there on Saturday mornings for several years. The building was… Continue reading Don’t stay sad, get mad

It’s here at last!

It feels like it’s taken forever (mainly because I worked more slowly during 2017, distracted and depressed by the lunacy that’s Brexit), but PERMACULTURE is published at last. On Kindle meantime, but the paperback will be available shortly. Many thanks to those who have helped me get it to this stage: Lin White, Dawn Tomlinson,… Continue reading It’s here at last!

My life in cats

I can’t remember not having a cat, from my earliest memories onwards. Aside from brief periods when I was at university and away from home, they’ve been an omnipresent part of my life. And it struck me today: the ‘cat chain’ is unbroken. From Peter, the very first cat I remember (probably my earliest memory… Continue reading My life in cats