New book published a week early!

I’ve had some great pre-publication feedback on ‘A Way of Knowing’,awayofknowing-ebook so it’s out today on Kindle, just in time for the equinox (I’ve always believed the equinoxes and solstices are very propitious times).

Like ‘The Swan Widow’, it’s a story with a strong and independent main character who’s a woman in her sixties (I hesitate to say “love story”, but one reviewer has called it “a fascinating and unusual love story, and a story about the nature of love and of identity”, so I won’t argue!). It has a dark side too, and deals with uncomfortable¬†topics.

The paperback version will be available within the next few weeks. Thanks, as ever, to the people who helped me get to this point: Helen Baggott, Helen Sedgwick, Linda White, Jessica Bell, Leigh Anne Aston. Couldn’t do it without you, ladies!

By Fiona Cameron

Former journalist, PR consultant and fiction writer, cat- and dog-owner, currently living in beautiful Galloway, SW of Scotland. Passionately concerned about my country's environment, animal rights and freedom of expression for all authors & artists.

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