Don’t expect to find the Isle of Soma on a map!

It’s a distillation of several islands of the Hebrides – including Arran, which I’d count as the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides. I know exactly where it’s placed on my mental map of the Hebrides. Its closest neighbours are Coll and Tiree.

The village of Balvaig is a imageblend of many Island and west coast mainland viillages I’ve known over the years.

My late step-father (who was not only the most amazing man I’ve ever met, but also  a blood relative –  he was my grandmother’s first cousin; he and my mother didn’t marry until both were in advanced years) was a highly-regarded figure in the Scotch whisky distilling industry. He always maintained that a good blend is better than a poor single malt. So I like to think of Soma and Balvaig as being good blends!

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