The Writing Hut

I love looking at pics of where other authors work.
In the house where we lived until three years ago, I had a study solely for my own use (one boon of not being an empty-nest syndrome mother: I freely admit my home looks like an osprey’s nest much of the time, and I’ve always believed in encouraging those chicks to FLY. Then you can have a study-nest. Neat.)
However, although the current house had a study, the conservatory leads off it, and my cats took possession of the conservatory in pretty short order. Those of you who have experienced trying to type with a cat (or three) lying across the keyboard will know why this wasn’t working well…The writing hut_small
So I decided to splash out on having a purpose-built writing hut (not in emulation of Monty Don; can’t stand the man). I explored the various options available from specialist firms, but in the end I went to see local joiner Andy Campbell in his workshop in Kirkcudbright, bearing back-of-an-envelope drawings of what I wanted (pastiche of Norwegian mountain cabin). By June 2012, my writing hut was finished, painted and ready for occupation. Because we down-sized a little too much, it’s also my sewing hut, my stained-glass work hut, my books-I-haven’t-read-in-years-but-don’t-want-to-part-with hut, my ‘I’ll just keep all these jigsaws for a rainy day’ hut. There’s still room (just about) for my desk, my amazing, back-saving Aeron chair and an armchair. There’s even room for an Afghan hound to lie under the desk (I draw the line at having both hounds in beside me at once).
Quite deliberately, I have access to neither phone nor internet there (though the hut is in the corner of the garden where I CAN get a mobile signal if I climb a tree…). It’s a delightful & inspirational place to work.

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  1. Ms Cameron, What a great idea, a writing hut! I live on the central coast of California, perhaps I should build a writing tree house or beach hut. I used to live in Lossiemouth, Scotland and I know most of Bonnie Scotland by flying over it. My latest book, a novel has, as a co-protagonist, a lass from Skye. I can email you that chapter if you wish. More details on my website.

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