The Undercover Soundtrack – Roz Morris

Someone recommended this to me, because I’d been posting on FB re the fact I always have a ‘signature’ piece of music for a novel, as well as making up a fresh playlist for each one.

My Memories of a Future Life

‘Music, the language of souls’

Once a week I host a writer who uses music as part of their creative process – perhaps to open a secret channel to understand a character, populate a mysterious place, or explore the depths in a pivotal moment. This week it’s my turn, and I’m talking about the music behind My Memories of a Future Life . And below you have a chance to win a very special version of the print edition….

Soundtrack by Grieg, Beethoven, Michael Nyman, Bill Nelson, Daryl Runswick, Joe Jackson, Meredith Monk, Seal, Handel, Massive Attack, Emeli Sande, George Michael

Begin, like my narrator Carol, lying on a floor trying to think of nothing. Her brain’s like a searching radio, snatching music out of the smallest sound, or the footsteps of the yoga teacher walking around her.

That’s me…

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One thought on “The Undercover Soundtrack – Roz Morris

  1. Loved your article on book reviews, i.e. ‘the postman dropped it in a puddle…’ I’m still trying to work out why some folk give a book one star then write a glowing review. Crossed wires somewhere.

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